Tooling Design & Consulting

Our in-house machining capabilities and CAD library mean we can design and machine your tooling at just a fraction of what it would cost to work with a typical machine shop.  And because we come from a holster manufacturing background, we understand the unique challenges that accompany the industry.  The challenges you face are ones we have worked through.  We know the issues you will encounter and are able to effectively anticipate problems before they happen in many cases.

CNC precision machining

We have in house 3D scan based reverse engineering capabilities, ground up CAD design and CAM programming all in one place.  No need to jump from one company to another to meet all of your unique needs.

Holster molding & tooling

We design and manufacture unique vacuum form tooling and can work with you on other types of tooling design projects as well.  Your needs will absolutely be met working with us.

Full-scale consulting

From simple process improvement to full-scale product line design and implementation, we can work with your team to overcome your unique challenges.

In-House Machining

Our ability to anticipate and offer clients advice which may well save them tens of thousands of dollars is virtually unmatched due to our unique combination of skill sets and backgrounds.

We start with the gun, using a 3D laser scanner we obtain a digital point cloud. Our software allows us to use that data to rapidly and accurately replicate firearm geometry VASTLY decreasing the time required to build a base CAD file. From there we work directly with our clients to design, prototype, revise and finalize their tooling and holster designs.

Consulting Solutions for Large & Small Businesses

We can, and do, work with 1 man custom holster shops all the way up to multi million dollar corporations who are expanding into a new product category. Our ability to be flexible and create customized solutions for each customer gives us the ability to help our customers start or grow their holster businesses.

  • Customized solutions
  • Process improvement
  • Product line design
  • Product delivery & implementation

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