Stock Line Inside Waistband Mold – NO TRIM JIG

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Clarification on FOMI blocking (this will redirect you to YouTube)

  • Price: $100.00
  • G code RTI, Safariland and Bladetech Tek Lok Compatible


Select from 4 styles of FOMI blocking, 2 styles of Slide Blocking, with or without RMR, Left or Right Hand, 1/4″ adjustable retention or fixed retention.

We realized we could create a semi-custom, limited option lineup that would meet the requirements of 95% of holster manufacturers. If you require full custom, please contact us, we still do that. But there is a significant increase in price due to the time we have to spend personalizing it to your requirements.

The synthetic material we have selected for these molds has significant heat resistance and is much more dimensionally stable than HDPE for thermoforming. It WILL have VERY slight warping, but it will take hundreds of presses to get there, once it bows very slightly, it will not get worse. Tested to THOUSANDS of presses by one of the industry leading holster companies.


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