COVERT – Beretta 92F/M9


OWB comfort, IWB level Concealment!  COVERT – Unseen!

ALL Holsters come with 1.5″ AND 1.75″ Belt Attachments.

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Carrying an outside the waistband holster has often been a difficult, uncomfortable, and cumbersome endeavor.  Many of the current on-the-market offerings are bulky and very difficult to conceal.   Strongside Concealment is changing that model.  We start with 3D laser scans of the gun, then we CAD model idealized tooling for each model.  In doing so we are able to ensure that the holster pocket is as optimized and perfect as possible.  This creates a much slimmer holster that has a tighter profile to your body.

Strongside Concealment OWB Holsters feature:

  • 0.093″ Kydex Construction for maximum durability
  • A “pancake” style that hugs the body and helps the holster curve around your hip for ultimate concealment
  • The smallest possible pocket for your weapon with blocking for all controls in place, with ZERO hang ups.
  • Your choice of quality American-designed and made injection molded hardware
  • A Lifetime Warranty on your holster (Heat Damage Excluded)

Give one of our holsters a try today and experience the Strongside difference!  We are confident you will become a customer for life.


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