CNC Machined 6061 Split Form – PISTOL

$399.00 $299.00

CNC Machined Aluminum Forms.  Better tooling for better holsters.



CNC Machined aluminum forms.  The gold standard in vacuum form tooling.  If you have been looking for more accurate and longer lasting base tooling then look no further.  The culmination of 12 months of research, development and product testing is here.


  • Flow grooves on the backside with properly located through holes to allow maxiumum airflow during vacuum forming.
  • Locator pin holes for precise placement on a forming board OR for joining the halves together and using the butterfly form as a whole gun form (not recommend for folding)
  • De-featured (slide serrations, ejection ports, triggers etc…) to save you time and money during preform preparation
  • Trigger Guard is blocked appropriately using a 0.05″ depth per side to allow positive retention and smooth unholstering
  • Controls and blocked for extended controls and no longer need to a be a custom feature
  • Machined from 6061 aluminum alloy for dimensional stability and strength

If you have tried the other tooling available today and have not been satisfied, try Pistol Forms today.


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