Behind the Scenes

With in-house machining capabilities, our process is extremely detailed and specialized, and we use high-quality materials for superior durability.

Materials made from alloys

Generally, the parts we machine are mostly  made from aluminum, titanium, or steel. They come to use as blank castings, and we utilize our machining capatiblities to mold and define the shape.

Our computer-controlled equipment does the precision cutting, and our experts oversee and inspect each piece as it is finalized.

In-House Machining

Our ability to anticipate and offer clients advice which may well save them tens of thousands of dollars is virtually unmatched due to our unique combination of skill sets and backgrounds.

We start with the gun, using a 3D laser scanner we obtain a digital point cloud. Our software allows us to use that data to rapidly and accurately replicate firearm geometry VASTLY decreasing the time required to build a base CAD file. From there we work directly with our clients to design, prototype, revise and finalize their tooling and holster designs.

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Inside / outside holster carry options, fit for gun and gun / light combos, and magazine carriers for same models.



105 Texaco Rd.
Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

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