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Mold Production Video

Searching for Better Base Tooling?

3D scanned, Reverse Engineered, CAD designed, CNC cut molds.  From beginning to end our process is is setup to offer the absolute best in tooling for thermoformed kydex/boltaron holsters.

What Others Say About Our Molds

Just wanted to say thanks for the molds that FIT. No matter whether Stockline, aluminum splits, or custom monolithics, these guys fit. It's nice not having to worry about tolerances and specs being right, it also make customization easy on the benders end. Thanks Buddy.

-Rusty's Kustom Kydex 

I have been in the Kydex business for the past 6 years. If you're looking for that instant,  professional, consistent look in your holsters. I recommend you buy one of these molds and trim jigs! The time you will save and the consistency between your holsters will instantly pay for the price of the molds!!!! Conrad has knocked it out of the park. These molds and trim jigs take all the guessing out of it and cut your holster making time in half!!! Great product and Great Company!!! I am a customer for life!!!                                                           


                                                            Joseph Gregory



7117 W. 51st St. Tulsa, OK 74107

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