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We offer ultra-premium semi-custom kydex holsters for popular handguns and handgun/weapon light combinations, along with magazine carriers for the same models. Our products go through a multipart manufacturing, finishing and QA process to ensure the best design, fit and finish.

Searching for Better Base Tooling?

We offer a line of 6061 aluminum CNC machined tooling for premium holster makers who simply need a better base form, but are not yet ready for a full custom tooling solution.

What Others Say About Us

"I have used many holsters in my twenty year's of military/ law enforcement and just as a plain old CCW holder. I have used $20 dollar holsters to over $100 dollar a holster. The last few years i have used strongside concealment and from day one of getting my first order i was impressed with the build quality and materials used. The gun to mold fittings is very sharp and clean! You will find these to be the best holster on the market."

~ Michael Thompson,
Nashua, NH

"I’m a current SWAT Police Officer, and a combat veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan. I have served with many other special operations personnel from all branches all over the world and have seen their custom holsters as well. I have owned many Kydex holsters, and used them for off-duty executive protection details, personal carry, the list goes on… I received my Covert OWB holster very quickly after placing my order. One of the first things I noticed was how well structured the holster and it’s materials were, especially the belt loops. Most Kydex companies make great holsters, but lack in making good belt loops, that is not the case with Strongside. The next thing I noticed was the audible click that most of us like upon re-holstering, it gives us that peace of mind we re-holstered properly. It also had the perfect ”Forward Cant” I was looking for. After putting it on my waist and wearing it for a while, it is ”BY FAR” the most comfortable Kydex holster I have ever owned, It barely ”PRINTED” in the T-shirt I was wearing, let alone wearing a small jacket or hoodie. Not to mention Conrad is a very polite and knowledgeable person that is open to any questions you may have. In my opinion, these are the best Kydex holsters on the market, and for the price, you can’t beat it."

~ Shane Posey,
Ft. Bragg, NC

"I bought this holster for my Shield and absolutely love it! It is very comfortable and I don’t even know I am wearing it anymore. I highly recommend this holster! In fact I just purchased another one for XD40 and can’t wait for it to be done!"

~ Chris Henwood,
Southampton, PA

"I bought one of these to try appendix IWB carry with my Glock 26. First off, the quality is top notch as with all Strongside holsters. The adjustable ride height is a great feature and allows you to customize it to your own preference. One of the best features, in my opinion, is that the weapon can change angles easily. For me, this is great when going from standing to sitting because the weapon will move a little with your body."

~ Mike Muhlenbruch

"First time buyer from this site. I purchased the Covert for my Glock 19/gen 4 and I could not any happier. This holster rides very close to my body and being a man with a larger frame, I still cannot tell I am wearing it. Little to no print and good retention w/o being too tight. Very well built by a good owner of the company. I have and will continue to recommend this site to my LEO and Military brothers and sisters. Thanks for an excellent product sir. No doubt I will be purchasing more in the future."

~Layne Shore

Bristol, PA

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Inside / outside holster carry options, fit for gun and gun / light combos, and magazine carriers for same models.



105 Texaco Rd.
Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

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